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The Comfort of Dental Bliss

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The Comfort of Dental Bliss

Some things in life are best when they are forgotten. We can’t erase the bad memory of being turned down for senior prom, or that time you tripped in front of your boss. However, when it comes to dental care – we can provide the sweet comfort of dental bliss.

The Comfort of Dental BlissFor example, how would you like to have your dental procedure done in a way that you do not remember it? Seriously, no recollection. You come in, you go to sleep, you wake up — and it’s over.

If this sounds like heaven on earth, we have good news! Did you know that Bluewater Bay Dental is board certified in IV sedation? This is fabulous news for folks who have an innate fear of the dentist, or for those who wish to complete a complex procedure in one day (vs. over the course of several visits). Best part about IV sedation is that it is safer for the body than oral sedatives. If for any reason you have an adverse reaction, we can fix it on the spot.

At Bluewater Bay Dental, your comfort is paramount. We have the board certification to prove it. If you want to learn more about the blissful comforts of sedation dentistry, contact us today!

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Great work, and great people who work with Dr. Broutin. Been going to him for many years. Lucy
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