PDO Thread Lift in Santa Rosa Beach

Giving Your Face a Lift with PDO Threads

Woman getting PDO Thread treatment at Smileology at Santa Rosa Beach FL.Do you want to restore your youthful look and reduce the effects of gravity on your face and neck? Consider PDO Thread Lift, a non-surgical face lift treatment that raises and tightens slackened skin and naturally boosts collagen production. Esthetics expert Dr. Amber Wiebe is proud to offer PDO Thread Lift facial rejuvenation at our Santa Rosa Beach cosmetic dental office.

PDO Thread Lift is particularly effective on mature or aging skin located on the lower face, jawline and neck. Its esthetic benefits can include:

  • Reduction of marionette lines
  • Slimming of the jawline and restoration of its V shape
  • Tightening of double chin
  • Reduction of sagging skin on neck and appearance of lines
  • Firmer and smoother skin overall
  • A general lift of the facial contours

How Do PDO Threads Work?

PDO Threads are inserted by very thin needles into different layers of the skin, where they pull the skin together. Your skin will gently react to the PDO threads, triggering the skin to heal itself through the production of new collagen and new blood vessels. The threads lift and hold the skin upwards, rejuvenating the appearance of your face.

PDO Threads come in different tensile strengths and thicknesses, which Dr. Wiebe will tailor to your goals and budget. PDO, or polydioxanone, is the same material used in absorbable surgical sutures. It is safe to implant in the body and is fully absorbed within 4-6 months. Bruising, soreness and mild swelling may or may not occur. To address all of your skincare concerns, schedule your consultation to discuss PDO Thread Lift with Dr. Amber Wiebe today.

Trust Your Care to a Professional Who Teaches Esthetics to Other Professionals

Dr. Amber Wiebe, DDS, MAGDDr. Amber Wiebe, DDS, MAGD is a nationally renowned dentist and an expert with esthetics. She is a long-term faculty member at the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, and was honored with Mastership from the same institution. She speaks every year at the American Dental Association Convention, and teaches dentists, nurses and physicians about emerging esthetics techniques.

Dr. Wiebe is a master at her craft and is highly regarded in her field. She has played a pivotal role in the amazing smile journeys of hundreds across the Emerald Coast. Through facial esthetics and inspired cosmetic dentistry, she can reinvent your smile into one you’ll love.

Smoother Facial Contours. A Younger Looking You.

Dr. Amber Wiebe is a skilled esthetics professional and is experienced in PDO Thread Lift. If you are interested in rejuvenating your facial appearance with this non-surgical procedure, call Smileology Santa Rosa Beach today to schedule your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Wiebe!

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