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Your Dentist Explains Difference Between Mini and Conventional Implants

Mini and Conventional ImplantsMany folks come to Bluewater Bay Dental with concerns about whether to have mini implants or conventional implants used to fix their tooth spacing issue. Because this is a fairly common question, I’d like to share some information regarding the similarities and differences between the two. As a general rule, I believe that the basic difference between mini implants and traditional implants resides in their overall function and length of wear.

Dental implants are used to:

  • replace missing teeth or a single tooth.
  • hold removable dentures in place so they can be snapped on and off.

All dental implants are constructed from titanium. Titanium is unique because it’s a metal that is completely compatible with the body. There are very few metals which are bio-compatible, meaning they do not trigger an immune response in the body. For this reason, titanium has reached high acclaim in the dental community over the past 40 years.

Standard dental implants are generally made of 2 pieces with a diameter that is larger than 3mm. They have an external screw that is inserted into the bone. They also have an internal thread that allows various components (teeth, dentures, etc.) to be torqued down and attached to the dental implant.

Mini dental implants are a solid one-piece screw, less than 3 mm in diameter, with a specialized ball-shaped end that sticks out of the jaw bone. They are useful for providing support to dentures. In this way, the denture or fabricated tooth has a rubber O ring that fits around the mini implant ball.


  • Because the mini dental implant is about ½ the diameter of the standard implant, it takes 2 mini implants to provide the support of one conventional implant.
  • Mini dental implants are about ½ the price of a standard implant. However, when you consider it takes 2 minis to equal the strength of one standard implant, the cost becomes less of an issue.
  • Conventional implants provide a longer-term solution than mini implants. The main reason for this is because they allow for better weight distribution and put less long-term stress on the jaw bone.
  • Conventional implants have greater surface area which allows for stronger chewing force and long-term stability.

Overall, my preference is to use standard dental implants whenever possible. However, there are a couple circumstances that may warrant the use of a mini implant:

  • Individuals with poor health often have bone degeneration which makes the mini implant the only option.
  • If a short-term fix is necessary, the mini dental implant can buy some patients time until a more permanent solution is possible.

If you have a missing tooth or large space, dental implants are a great solution for your problem. Schedule an appointment today with Bluewater Bay Dental. We’ll take a look at your mouth and talk about your health and goals. Together we’ll come up with the best solution for your smile. For more information regarding our implant solutions, visit: http://bluewaterbaydental.com/

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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay – Is Your Child at Risk?

You might be surprised that tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems in children, especially during the early toddler years. Tooth decay in infants and toddlers is usually referred to as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, or simply, bottle mouth. It’s a misconception that just because toddlers’ teeth are temporary that their early dental health isn’t important, but it sets the stage for permanent teeth and future overall health.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay – Is Your Child at Risk?Baby Bottle Tooth Decay usually occurs in the upper front teeth, but can affect other teeth as well. The most common cause of tooth decay in infants and toddlers is falling asleep with a bottle of milk or juice. When the sugars of the milk or juice pool in the baby’s mouth, it becomes acidic and attacks the teeth. A solution to preventing this problem is either weaning the baby off of the bottle during bedtime, or only putting in water when taking the bottle to bed.

Starting early with tooth care and dental health will help to prevent more serious problems down the line. Using a soft toothbrush and teaching your baby or toddler how to brush their teeth early is also a great way to get them into good habits early. For more tips on how to prevent tooth decay for little ones, read the following article here: http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/b/baby-bottle-tooth-decay

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Your Teeth vs. The Holidays

With the holidays come the sweets. Candy canes, chocolate, peanut brittle and sugary drinks find their way into your home and are within arm’s reach almost everywhere you go. It’s easy to be unaware of the extra sugar you are consuming this time of year, but it’s important to remember the nasty side effects that come with consuming too many sweets.

When plaque comes into contact with sugar in the mouth, it causes acid to attack the teeth and create tooth decay. Often times, people eat foods that they don’t even realize have sugar in them, such as bread and milk. Checking the labels on foods before buying them can help to curb the amount of sugar you are consuming, as well as opting for healthier choices around the holidays.

Your Teeth vs. The HolidaysWhile just a few weeks of extra sugar isn’t going to immediately cause tooth decay or gum disease, it’s always wise to monitor what you’re eating and keep a balanced diet. Bad habits over the holidays can often spill over into our everyday meals. Here are a few tips from the American Dental Association for everyday dental health and nutrition:

– Drink lots of water. With holiday parties come more sugary cocktails, wine  and champagne.

– Remember to eat from each of the major food groups, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and low-fat dairies.

– Limit the snacking and candy intake.

Remember to keep up with your brushing and flossing, even taking it up to three times a day if possible. Taking extra care of your teeth will keep your smile and holidays bright. For more information on nutrition and dental health, keep reading the following article: http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/d/diet-and-dental-health

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Gum Reshaping: The Lift You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re one of the many people who has considered getting a face lift or something similar in order to take off a few years, consider something a little less invasive but still gives you that change you’re looking for. A gum lift can help brighten not only a smile, but can give you a whole new and youthful appearance. gum reshaping

Some smiles show too much gum or can appear uneven. This can cause the smile to look smaller and unbalanced. With a simple procedure, I will sculpt your gums and transform your smile without the pain and expense of plastic surgeries. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, come in and find out more information. I never perform a treatment without answering every question you have and we’ll make sure to get the results you’re looking for. For more information on gum reshaping, visit our site here: http://smileology.com/cosmetic-dentistry/

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More Than Just a Dentist Office

More Than Just a Dentist OfficeHaving a successful business in any field requires many different attributes. I firmly believe in three main qualities that have made Bluewater Bay Dental what it is today. With trust, passion and commitment, the team at Bluewater Bay Dental and myself have created a space that our patients not only feel comfortable in, but also look forward to visiting. How many dental or doctors offices can say that?

Why is trust on of my main concerns? I believe that no relationship can grow or even begin for that matter without trust. When a patient comes into our office for the first time or the tenth time, they are going to be treated as a person and given our full attention so that they get the best care possible. Every question gets answered and every concern or worry is taken into consideration before beginning any type of treatment.

Dentistry is what gets me out of bed in the morning, and that’s why I feel that passion is another attribute that will make anyone successful. Since I was 16 I knew that I wanted to be a dentist. The balance of health and art that comes with cosmetic dentistry is something that I’m constantly striving to perfect so that my patients leave feeling good about how they look and that they’ve been taken care of. With this passion comes a fervor to always learn more, which is why I attended the Las Vegas Institute. This is considered the most advanced post graduate cosmetic  institution in the world.

This constant need for more knowledge is where commitment comes in. I’m in this field for the long haul and want to always be ahead of the game. There is always something more to learn, especially in dentistry. At Bluewater Bay Dental, we only use the most advanced and modern technology as well as up-to-date training’s.

I want every patient to feel the trust, passion and commitment as soon as they walk through the door. If you’ve been looking for a dentist in the Niceville area, look no further than Bluewater Bay Dental. Together we’ll find your perfect smile. Call us for an appointment today, or visit our website at:

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