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The Agony of Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth are a set of four additional molars, which often appear in teenagers and young adults. For most people, wisdom teeth grow in crooked or misaligned, and sometimes they grow in sideways. This misalignment causes the wisdom tooth to push the other teeth, causing discomfort, pain, and often times problems with their oral and dental health. Most dentists and oral surgeons recommend that wisdom teeth be removed, and the in-patient procedure is relatively pain free, although the patient might feel some discomfort and tenderness for a few days following the surgery.

Patients experiencing pain in the back of their mouths or whose rear gum line is raw, red, and inflamed, should schedule an appointment with their dentists as soon as possible. These are common signs and symptoms of the emergence of wisdom teeth. Many patients have a consistent ache and pain, while others only experience discomfort while chewing. Either way, you should have your symptoms checked out sooner rather than later- dental pain does not go away on its own. Patients with impacted wisdom teeth may experience a higher level of pain and discomfort. Impacted wisdom teeth are unable to break through the gum line. Impacted wisdom teeth are harder to remove and are more prone to infection. Jaw pain, gum swelling, and bad breath are signs of impacted wisdom teeth.

Removing wisdom teeth is  a standard procedure, conducted under local anesthesia. At Blue Water Bay Dental, we believe that complete relaxation aids in recovery, so we offer our patients the very latest in “Sedation dentistry”. Depending upon your comfort level, pain level, and anxiety or stress level, you can choose from a traditional, local anesthesia, oral sedation, or IV Sedation. For patients with moderate to high anxiety, oral sedation is a great option. Simply take the prescribed sedative before your appointment. You will feel drowsy and relaxed, but will be able to speak and will remain conscious throughout the procedure. IV Sedation is designed for patients with extremely high anxiety levels. You will need someone to take you to and from your appointment if you opt for more advanced sedation. Sedation dentistry relaxes your muscles and loosens your gag reflex, making your appointment and procedure much more tolerable.

Once your wisdom teeth are removed, you may experience pain and discomfort for between 48-72 hours. Bleeding may occur in the first 24 hours, but if you continue to bleed after the first day, call your dentist right away. Pain medication and antibiotics may be prescribed to relieve discomfort and fight infection, especially if the tooth was severely impacted.

If you feel your wisdom teeth have come in, and are experiencing pain, discomfort or difficulty chewing, call us today for an appointment and we’ll design a treatment plan that makes you healthy and comfortable.

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Does Your Child Play Sports? Do They Have a Mouth Guard?

The National Youth Sports Safety Foundation forecasted more than 3 million teeth would be knocked out in youth sporting events and that athletes who don’t wear mouth guards are 60 time more likely to damage their teeth.  Yet despite this prediction and the fact that mouth guards are fairly inexpensive surveys found that 84% of children do not wear mouth guards when they are playing organized sports. Don’t let this be one of your children.

Mouth guards protect more than your child’s teeth being knocked out they can also prevent injury to the jaw and may help prevent concussion. Early injuries to the jaw and teeth can cause severe problems later in life. Jaw and tooth misalignment has been known to occur years  after an individual receives a strong blow to the mouth. So along with the helmet, shoulder and knee pads, protective eyewear and whatever protective gear you child needs for their chosen sport make sure you don’t forget the mouth guard. You can read more about the importance of mouthguards in this Dental Tribune article. http://www.dental-tribune.com/articles/news/usa/12547_april_is_national_facial_protection_month.html

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Proper Care for Your Child’s Teeth Actually Starts Before The Have Them!

A fact that often surprises parents is that proper care for their children’s teeth starts before they get their first baby tooth. Actually, the growth of their teeth begins even before they are born. Teeth begin formation during the second trimester of pregnancy! So expectant mothers can help ensure healthy baby teeth by eating a balanced diet and taking care of any nutritional deficiencies.

After the baby is born you can begin mouth care by rubbing a clean damp washcloth over their gums. This helps reduce bacteria and gets the child used to having their teeth cared for. As the teeth begin to grow using an age appropriate soft bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the teeth is important. At age two children can begin brushing and spitting for themselves. Make sure they are supervised until age five to ensure they do not hurt themselves. At these early ages encouraging good oral health habits is important. Let the child choose their toothbrush and paste and make it a fun event to help instill good habits that will follow them for a lifetime.

You can contact us today at 850-387-4845 if you have any questions. You can also read more information on KidsHealth. http://kidshealth.org/parent/general/teeth/healthy.html

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The Foundation for Your Teeth is Your Gums. The Foundation for an Effective Dentist and Patient Relationship is Trust.

Your teeth need a healthy mouth with healthy gums to help keep them strong. You need a dentist you can trust to ensure that you are comfortable getting proper oral health care on a regular basis. You want a dentist that makes you feel welcome, takes the time to talk with you and makes sure that you and your family’s concerns are addressed without judgement. You want a dentist you can go to again and again. One who gets to know you and who knows how to make you comfortable with the dental care process.

This is why we would like to welcome you to Bluewater Bay Dental. Your local Niceville, Florida dental practice. Here we treat patients one at a time and we treat all of them like a member of our family. We believe that by building relationships built on trust with all of our patients we create an environment where you will achieve the highest level of oral health care. Visit us online and learn more about our practice or call us today and make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

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Do You Know What to Do If Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out?

Getting a tooth knocked out can be frightening but you may have a chance to save it. As soon as you lose a tooth you have only minutes to replant it successfully. You may be in shock over the incident but if you can keep calm, quickly take action and follow these steps you may save your tooth.

First – Contact your dentist immediately and tell them what type of injury you have and the essential information. This is an emergency so stick to the needed info, you can tell them the whole story later. Follow any of their advice as they tell you the next steps to getting emergency care.

Second- Clean the tooth but DO NOT SCRUB THE KNOCKED OUT TOOTH CLEAN. Gently rinse the tooth under tap water or use saline solution if it is available. Take care not to damage the surface of the tooth where the tissues connect to the socket.

Finally, you need to get to your dentist as soon as possible. Every minute counts. However, if you can not get to your dentist within a half hour you may still have a chance of successful tooth replanting by putting your tooth in Hank’s solution, cold milk or saliva. Most importantly make sure that your tooth and the tissues that connect your tooth to the socket do not dry up.

Again, if you have a tooth knocked out do not panic or waste precious time. Acting quickly may help you save it! Visit our website for more information on dental care.

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