The Smileology Story and Philosophy

The Smileology Story:

From a young age, Niceville dentist Dr. Olivier Broutin realized the power of a smile. Understanding that a genuine smile came from a place of confidence, self esteem and high quality of life, he developed a vision for his path in life – to impact the world by creating more smiles. The Smileology brand stems from this first realization. Niceville Dentist Dr. Olivier Broutin, DMD, MAGD, DICOI, AFAAID, FMIII built his practice by working towards a new model for dentistry, one which would prioritize patient benefits and support the growth, education and enthusiasm of his practice. Through his extensive education and advanced training, Dr. Broutin has become an expert in his field, routinely training with other leaders in Dentistry and working as a resource, speaker and teacher in addition to working with patients on a daily basis. His knowledge, methods and skills have brought world class dentistry to the communities of the Emerald Coast of Florida. Joining forces with the best and brightest practitioners, the Smileology team has grown to revolutionize dentistry. Studying the smile in all its forms – whether rebuilding with dentures, implants and relief of pain, or brightening and refining through whitening, veneers, and other cosmetic procedures – has made Smileology the leader in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” Thich Nhat Hanh

The Smileology Philosophy:

Smileology operates on the principles that led Niceville dentist Dr. Broutin to the field of dentistry. We believe a healthy smile is an essential component of a happy life. The smile conveys a message of either self confidence, friendliness, and joy, or of shame, pain and low quality of life. It allows one to engage fully in life through conversation, meals, and unspoken connection with others. Whether the goal is to eat without pain, speak more clearly, or to radiate sparkling beauty, the smile is how we display our emotions and create positive energy for the world to see. The Smileology philosophy is to create transformative results for our family of patients, by combining a world class level of care with the most competent, qualified and trusted practitioners and support teams. We are committed to working from a place of mutual understanding and transparency between patient and provider, building relationships that lead to extraordinary smiles. The interests and needs of the patient are always placed above insurance demands and limitations. Decisions are made with clarity as our teams provide education, present options for treatment, and discuss risks and rewards with our patients throughout the entire process of care. Our office values allow our Smileology teams to provide the best for our patients. With an emphasis on responsibility over blame, curiosity over judgment, and clarity over confrontation, the Smileology philosophy fosters a professional, communicative, and mindful office environment.

“Peace begins with a smile.” Mother Teresa

The Smileology Difference:

The smile building process begins the moment someone walks through our office doors. Patients are treated as individuals, from the front desk to the dental chair. This family practice feel, coupled with the most highly educated network of practitioners and teams, allows us to deliver world class dental treatments across all our offices. Our holistic approach is applied not only to patient care, but to our entire practice. Working in synergy, our teams and doctors collaborate with each other as well as with the patient, to provide extraordinary results and winning smiles. All Smileology office locations share a similar culture and adhere to the same standards of holistic patient care. Our focus on building valued, supported teams leads to excellent service and transformative dental experiences. Patients receive individualized care by teams that are continually trained in the best practices for customer relations and productivity. Our practices are built to work in harmony – communication between doctors and teams across our network of offices allows us to instill confidence in our patients and offer a comprehensive approach to care.

The Smileology Patient:

Who are our patients? Those who appreciate service with a smile are our greatest asset. Our patients yearn to live their best lives, and seek the personalized, professional care of dentistry teams that can help them put their best face forward. While we see all patients as unique individuals with specific goals, the bulk of our clientele have realized that a beautiful smile is often a prerequisite for greater opportunities, fulfillment and positivity. This pursuit of quality of life translates into a desire for the latest techniques and modalities in treatment, from highly trained, skilled, and friendly practitioners. Our patients, like us, do not settle for the status quo, but seek to elevate the dental experience and enhance their lives, along with the radiance of their smiles. And like us, they understand that although beautiful smiles are made at Smileology, their brilliance reverberates throughout the community.

The Smileology Team:

At Smileology, our teams are considered our number one asset. Consisting of motivated, personable and service minded individuals, our team is the most vital link between patient, physician, and the community. These persons are the first point of contact for our patients, and likely the last face they see going out the door. We dedicate our practice to continually nurturing, training and encouraging our teams to provide the level of care our patients are seeking. Teams work to not only support the prescribed treatments, but to educate and empower clientele to improve health and enhance outcomes. These individuals are great communicators, problem solvers, and team players, who our patients view as caring friends.

The Smileology Doctor:

Along with Niceville dentist Dr. Broutin, our doctors are passionate caregivers who wish to change lives through their practice. Inspired by their ability to transform patient’s smiles and spark a wave of positivity through their work, our doctors are lifelong learners who’ve become experts in the field of dentistry. The Smileology philosophy demands that our practitioners share their knowledge and experience with teams and patients, and consider themselves partners in dental care. Smileology doctors are likeable, enthusiastic and eager to heighten the dental experience for their patients. Masters of both standard and modern techniques, creators of exceptional outcomes, and proficient communicators, our providers strive towards excellence and always keep the patient’s best interests in mind. Smileology is committed to bettering our community through our “Dentistry from the Heart” Day and many Smileology Cares opportunities. Our doctors believe in making a difference – whether through rebuilding broken smiles or sponsoring the local soccer team – we wear our hearts on our sleeves and of course, work with smiles on our faces.

“A smile is the shortest distance between two people.” Unknown

The Smileology Vision:

Create | Maintain | Provide | Preserve | Grow | Enhance | Care | Knowledge | Lead | Share

Grow: The field of dentistry is constantly evolving. Smileology is building a new model for dentistry that creates the best environment for both patients and doctors. By combining the best doctors and teams within our larger Smileology network, sharing in knowledge, resources and best practices for patient care, we provide an environment that fosters total care of the patient and supports dentists and their staff. Individual offices with a “family private practice” feel work together within the larger group environment of Smileology. Sharing resources, as well as similar culture and values, this “supergroup” can alleviate and bypass much of the insurance red tape that can negatively impact doctors, staff and patients.

Preserve: The values and ideals which lead doctors, hygienists, assistants and support staff into the field of dentistry are routinely undercut by insurance demands and limitations. By minimizing the headaches of navigating greedy insurance companies, Smileology allows practitioners to focus fully on the best course of treatment for patients. Doctors and teams are supported, encouraged, and driven to excel at dentistry and patient care. Individual areas of expertise in dentistry are allowed to shine and be shared across the network to allow for a world class dental experience.

Enhance: Dentistry need not be a fearful or boring experience. Enhancing the dental experience is as important as enhancing the smile. We elevate the process for all involved by providing a comprehensive, holistic approach to treatments and creating an environment for continual growth and support of our professionals. The Smileology group of dentists and associates are highly educated patient allies who continually uphold best practices in patient care to achieve amazing results.

“A simple smile. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.” Dalai Lama

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