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Dental implants are an exciting advancement in dentistry that we love offering to our patients in Crestview, Destin, Niceville, and Santa Rosa Beach. Through implant dentistry, you can enjoy a single new tooth, a bridge, or dentures—all great ways to give you new confidence and restored functionality in your smile.

The Frustration of Missing Teeth

Have you lost a tooth or multiple teeth? We understand how disappointing that can be. It is an ongoing frustration to many patients because of the difficulty a missing tooth adds to eating, smiling, speaking, and more. We would love to help you regain your complete smile with tooth implants!

A Reliable Solution for a Missing Tooth

Whether you need one or two tooth implants or a full smile makeover, we can finish it quickly and conveniently at Smileology.

Our dentists have many years of implant dentistry work experience with our neighbors in Northwest Florida—including seasonal residents. Call us today to make an appointment, and together we can discuss how we can help you!

Same Day Dental Implants

Dr. Broutin is one of few dentists who offer same-day dental implants. You will visit one office and have one dedicated dentist for each step of the process, making it a convenient and comfortable experience.

No Down Time

A Brilliant Smile allows you to live your life immediately! Dr. Broutin uses the latest technology so you can get back to doing the things you love, with no downtime.

No Issues

A Brilliant smile is having every step of the implant process down to an exact science, even the smallest details. Before we even start your procedure, we already have your perfect smile created.

No Worries

A Brilliant Smile looks 100% natural. Our promise is that you will look and feel better than ever before. We provide customized treatments and financing for every budget.

Benefits of Tooth Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants - Dentist in Niceville - Miramar Beach - Crestview - SmileologyMany patients across the United States are happy with their tooth implants. Dental implants make patients smile because they can give your new teeth and appliances improved stability.

Our goal for implant dentistry is to provide dental implants that you won’t even notice. Each dental implant is designed to look and feel like a natural part of your mouth.

Once implants are completed, they can:

  • Let you chew naturally.
  • Stimulate your jaw to grow stronger.
  • Re-align your bite to protect your teeth from uneven wear.
  • Fill in and complete a great smile.

Plus, the emotional and social perks of dental implants shouldn’t be underestimated.

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Emotional Stability With a Beautiful Smile

It can be an enormous relief to stop being embarrassed about dental problems. Patients who have hidden their teeth for years can feel like a weight is lifting from their shoulders when they can smile with confidence.

Imagine what a beautiful new smile could do for your career and/or relationships. Your new smile could enhance your image when applying for a new job, get you ready for a family portrait at an upcoming wedding, help you feel more confident on dates, and much more!

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is the longest-lasting and most sturdy way to replace your missing teeth. Each dental implant is a rod of crafted titanium that acts like a new tooth root when placed in your jawbone.

To restore the rest of your tooth, we will attach a new dental crown to a dental implant, or we can use several implants to support dentures or another appliance.

We can both place and restore your dental implants in one place! Implant dentistry is an exciting service that we love offering to our patients at Smileology.

Experience Revolutionary Implant Treatment at Smileology

Brilliance by Broutin - Custom Tooth Implants in Destin, FL

Brilliance by Broutin™—Dr. Broutin’s personally branded tooth implants technique—is particularly exciting to our patients. Niceville dentist Dr. Broutin has spent more than 20 years refining his techniques for placing and restoring dental implants.

Our restoration services can:

  • Quickly diagnose you and recommend a treatment.
  • In a single day, give you implants and attach crowns, bridges, or dentures.
  • Complete all needed procedures and products in a single location.
  • Regenerative materials to aid the healing process.

Very few dentists in the United States can do all this in one day. We offer this level of convenience to our patients because we care about quickly giving you better health and confidence in your teeth.

Am I a Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

We’ll give you a checkup to ensure you’re ready for an implant procedure. We want to ensure you are in good general oral and dental health. If you have any gum disease, we will clean it up and heal your gums before we start the implant process.

Jawbone Density and Dental Implants

Niceville Dentist Dr. Olivier Broutin, DMD, MAGD, DICOI, AFAAID, FMIII will also use our advanced CT scanner to verify that your jawbone is ready for implant dentistry and find the ideal location for each implant. If your jawbone density is a little low, Dr. Broutin can use a bone graft or sinus lift to prepare the jaw.

Of course, our top criteria for a candidate is that you’re missing one or more teeth. We have seen that missing teeth can cause jawbone deterioration and a changed facial shape.

For your long-term health and relationships, we’ll do all we can to prepare you for tooth implants.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Our implant dentistry professionals at Smileology can diagnose you, place your implants, and add a crown or other appliance all in one place! Many patients want this convenience, but they wonder how much it will cost.

While thinking of what is best for your health, consider tooth implants an investment in your health. If you do nothing for a broken or missing tooth, you may suffer damage to your jawbone, infection, and/or malnutrition. These problems can cost much more than dental implants in the long run.

At Smileology, we provide ways for every patient to afford the care they need. You can get financing through third-party lenders that provide:

  • Low interest rates—even 0%.
  • Loans for dental implants or to cover multiple procedures.
  • Instant credit decisions.
  • Financing for both elective and necessary treatments.

During every step of this process, we make sure that you’re comfortable with your approved treatment plan and that financing is in place to accommodate your budget.

Call Niceville Dentist Dr. Broutin for an Implant Appointment

Dr. Olivier Broutin is an accomplished dentist with over 20 years of experience creating an amazing dental experience centered on each patient’s individual needs. Dr. Broutin travels worldwide to train with leading dental experts, bringing advanced preventive, restorative, cosmetic and implant skills right here to the Emerald Coast.

If you’re missing teeth and ready for a positive change, contact us at Smileology. We can use our advanced implant dentistry technology to give you tooth implants—even in a single day! Call now for an appointment and a return of your confident smile at our office in Niceville, Destin, or Crestview.

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